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Keladi Rameshwara Temple
    Keladi is a temple town in Shimoga district of the state of Karnataka in India. Located about 8 KM from Sagara town.
    A Shiva temple of historical importance is located here. One has to take a diversion at Sorab Road. There is a museum conatining old manuscripts written during the times of the Keladi dynasty.
    The principal building in the place is the double temple of Rameshwara and Veerabhadra, a large and plain structure built in the Hoysala-Dravida style.
    After the disintegration of Vijayanagar Empire in the Battle of Talikota, the Keladi Nayakas created an independent kingdom and it remained so until it was annexed to Mysore Kingdom by Hyder Ali. Shivappa Nayaka and Chennamma were the rulers of this kingdom.